Your Guide To Collecting Sea Glass And
What You Can Do With It

 Welcome to Southern Shores Sea Glass

You have come to the right place.

Are you new to collecting Seaglass or do you have so much of the stuff that you have no idea what on earth you can do with it?

Have no fear, Southern Shores Sea Glass is here to answer all your questions. Questions such as ...

  • What is Seaglass?
  • Where can I find it?
  • When is the best time to collect it?
  • Why collect it in the first place
  • How can I display it, use it and share it?

Enjoy your time on the website here and make sure that when you have the chance to get down to the water's edge next, you are well prepared to collect more treasures.

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collecting sea glassOne day's collection of Sea Glass

Whether you are a novice or a well honed collector, there is always the thrill of finding a piece of Sea Glass. It can be the tiniest of pieces or, if you are extremely lucky, the whole unbroken piece of glassware! Whatever the size, that find becomes your very own treasure. Complete with its own history and possible romantic story to tell, it now becomes part of your growing collection.

And what a wonderful experience you have had out there in nature and enjoying the elements. Losing yourself in the art of sea glass collecting and without a care in the world, clearing your head, perhaps sorting out your life and possibly enhancing your creativity. The benefits are compounding, all you know is that when you finally do look up, it can be hours later and your pockets are full with tumbled treasures.

sea glass collectionA rewarding day collecting Sea Glass and other treasures

You're home, fully rested and now comes the fun part! The sorting - oh, the excitement of it all. The memories of where you found that piece, that thrilling feeling of seeing a twinkle in the sunlight or the fun time you had beating the waves as they rushed to cover your find!

You have sorted your treasures, washed and dried them, now what?

  • Are some pieces suitable for that project you have sitting waiting to be completed?
  • Could you use that beautiful piece to make some jewelry?
  • Can you research that mark, inscription and find out some of the piece's history? How old is it? Where did it come from? Does it have any real historical significance?
  •  What are you going to store your treasures in? 
  • Where and How are you going to display them?

 What to do with your Sea Glass collection

sea glass art thumbnail image


sea glass craft thumbnail image


sea glass jewelry thumbnail image


sorting sea glassSorting you Sea Glass collection into colors

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