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Akaroa New Zealand 
Collecting Sea Glass and Sea Pottery

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In both 2014 and 2016 my granddaughter and I set sail on a Princess Cruise Liner to explore the Land of the Great White Cloud - New Zealand.

One of the ports of call that we were able to explore was Akaroa on the South Island. On our first visit in 2014, we had no idea what a surprise we were in for. 

As the harbour is quite shallow, the huge ship has to anchor offshore and passengers are then ferried over to land using the ships tenders. Once docked, we then walked down the long pier towards the shoreline.

There on the right was a small, rocky beach and this is where we headed. Having no idea what on earth we were going to find, I was amazed at the amount of sea glass and sea pottery that was scattered all over the beach. 

Together, my granddaughter and I spent the next 2 hours on this little patch of beach sifting through the shore drift. My very first bit of cobalt blue was found here at Akaroa. I think the only thing that I was suddenly concerned about was as to whether customs back in Australia was going to allow me to bring my treasures back home. This, however, was not a concern, for when my finds were declared, they were acceptable.

Upon returning in 2016, I couldn't wait to get back to the stretch of beach and I was rewarded with more treasures and a little bit more cobalt blue sea glass for my collection.

princess cruisers tenderShoreline cruise ship tender ferries passengers to the shore at Akaroa in New Zealnd

Where is Akaroa New Zealand

If you are looking out into the harbour, the sea glass collection site is on the left. Wander this stretch of sand all the way to the little creek. All sorts of treasures can be found on this beach. Let us know if you get to check out the other side of the pier. We didn't have time to investigate the possibility of finding more sea glass on that side. 

Akaroa is nestled at the edge of the harbour and is protected by steep hills and the remnants of a volcanic crater. Scattered throughout the Akaroa village you will find a large number of well preserved colonial buildings. There is an historic French cemetery right in the heart of the village and the French street with names that hint at the French influence in the early history of settlement.

Overlooking the village of Akaroa in New ZealandOverlooking the village of Akaroa New Zealand. The harbour in the distance with the village on the right

The Maori settled here around 800 years ago, and the first European people established in the area, were those involved in the whaling industry which was running at its peak from the mid-1830s to the mid-1840s. 

Because the British had actually established a claim to the country back in the early 1800's with the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi with the Maori in February 1840, the French were unable to lay claim to it being named a French Colony. However, to this day, the French influence is recognised and proudly displayed throughout the town and the countryside around it.

rocky foreshore at Akaroa in New ZealandRock foreshore on the beach at Akaroa on the south island of New Zealand.

The harbour is too shallow for the large cruise liners to dock at the pier.  The ships must anchor out in the bay and their passengers are then ferried to shore using tenders.

Princess Cruise ship anchored off shore in Akaroa BayPrincess Cruise ship anchored off shore in Akaroa Bay, south island of New Zealand

2014 saw the beginning of my passion for collecting sea glass. This is where 'THE STOOP' was first invented! Up until this cruise, my beachcombing adventures had only resulted in an occasional sea shell or two. Now my collection houses, sea glass, sea pottery and anything else that is in the least bit nautical.

the stoop sea glass collecting pose is introducedThe introduction of 'The Stoop', my sea glass collecting pose

It's not too often that you can pick up one full sea glass bottle neck, let alone 4 beautiful specimens. Collection from 2016, Akaroa New Zealand foreshore, south Island.

bottle necks collected on Akaroa beach in New ZealandBottle necks and sea glass collected on Akaroa beach in New Zealand

The 2014 sea glass and sea pottery haul found on the shoreline of Akaroa New Zealand. Note the black glass specimens and the piece of cobalt blue on the left top corner along with the aqua colored piece of milk glass.

Beautiful sea pottery can be found along this stretch of foreshore.

Sea glass and sea pottery from Akaroa in New ZealandSea Glass and Sea Pottery shards collected on the foreshore of Akaroa in New Zealand

I do hope that you get the opportunity to visit Akaroa New Zealand and find yourself some sea glass and sea pottery treasures to add to your own collection.

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45kms from Melbourne, the beach at Frankston can, at most times, provide you with several hours of sea glass hunting.

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