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Handmade Beach Card
How To Share Some Seaside Lovin'

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How often have you gone to your letterbox and found a personal card or letter from a friend or relative?

All too often all you find are bills and junk mail!

Well, with Southern Shores Sea Glass beach craft ideas you can actually create a wonderful keepsake for your friend or family member.

Creating a handmade greeting beach card doesn't have to cost you the earth. You can put together an  easy and inexpensive greeting card that can carry a very special message from you with just a few materials.

Some of those materials you can be collect when you are out and about and used to make your beach card more personal!

All you will need are a few items that you either have lying around the house or that you can purchase from your local stationers, craft supply store or cheap variety store. In Australia we have a shop called The Reject Shop where I manage to find all sorts of fun 'stuff'. I was thrilled to find a party shop opened locally that is crammed full of the best bits and pieces that I can use creating all my sea glass art and craft ideas.

mail in the letterboxPersonal mail in my letterbox - could it be a beach card?

What to use to create your Beach Card


  • Blank white card with envelope - usually pickup a pack of these cheap from a variety store or craft supplies store
  • Cheap bristle paint brush (you can wash this out and reuse)
  • Brown twine or maybe use ribbon or cord
  • Craft glue
  • Brown paper - purchase a roll of this or you could use a brown paper lunch bag
  • Blank white paper, can be scrap piece, doesn't need to be card stock (you could use note card blanks if you want to)
  • Scissors
  • Sand - use Craft Sand if you can't collect your own
  • Shells - use small ones that you may have collected or purchase a bag of these from the local craft supplies/variety store
  • Sea Glass - do you have some that you have collected on your adventures? How wonderful to Gift a piece away to a friend or relative
  • A photo - one that you have taken yourself. If you have a printer, print this out and trim it to fit or
    maybe choose a beach picture from Pixabay (free photo images you can use) - see how to use it below in Step 1
  • Printer Adhesive Sheets if making your own picture
  • Printer (optional)

STEP 1 - Make Your Photo

For those of you who have a printer

Printing individual photos

Print out your photo - use your own printer or you could pop down to the print shop and have it printed out in bulk, maybe 6/10 pics, Printing out several will make a few cards at a time to send to friends. I have used Epson Photo Paper Glossy, 4" x 6". In hindsight, I am going to try the Matte photo paper and not the glossy as I believe it will produce a better adhesion factor for the sea glass.

materials used to make the beach card imageMaterials used to make the beach card image

Print multiple photos

Download the PDF file and turn it into a word document. Add your own photo in each of the blocks for multiples of the same photo or add different photos to the sheet.

Use this A4 document to them print your photos onto A4 Adhesive paper.

Or use this link to download a PDF template. Turn that into a word document and add your own photo/s, adjust them accordingly to fit. Then print the document out onto A4 Adhesive paper

photos printed onto adhesive paperYour Beach Card photo printed onto adhesive paper

Cut the images out and trim them to fit onto the beach card front leaving a white border to frame the image.

FREE images for you to use for your Beach Card

Stuck for a great photo to use? No worries, these 3 beach scenes, are stunning free images & royalty free images from Pixabay's community photographers. Over 1.7 million+ high quality stock images and videos are shared by their talented community.

Feel free to copy and paste any or all of these images to make your cards. Right click and open in new window, save to your desktop or image gallery.

free image by the seaFREE TO USE
free sunset imageFREE TO USE
free image love hearts in the sandFREE TO USE

Step 2 - Add your Photo

A ) - Before you glue your photo, trim it to the size that you want to fit the beach card. Leave a little white border to frame the image.
Taking your individual photo, add adhesive glue to the back of it and place it onto the blank front of your card being careful to place it in the centre of the card.

trim the photo to fit the beach cardTrim the photo to fit the Beach Card

B )  - If you have used the adhesive paper, peel back a little exposing the adhesive and being careful to observe where you place the photo, press it to the front of the card. You may consider putting a light pencil mark where you want the edge of the photo to be adhered to. Slowly peel the backing paper away and press the photo onto the card, make sure all edges are pressed firmly down.

peeling adhesive from the photoUse scrap adhesive strip to help peel back the backing paper from the photo

Handy Tip

With a piece of scrap adhesive paper, pull the backing paper away a little. Place photo, FACE SIDE UP, onto the adhesive side.

Then using the attached scrap piece pull back slowly to expose the adhesive on the photo.

Fold the backing paper over. Adhere the photo to the card, being careful to place it central, slowly peel the backing paper back until the photo has been fully placed. Press down gently and make sure all sides are well stuck.

Step 3 - The Insert

  • Open the card and measure the inside from corner to corner.
  • Cut piece of 'brown paper' a few centimetres smaller than the card- see the photo, 
  • Fold this in two and place it into the inside of the card. Happy with how it looks? Great. 
  • Remove it and cut a piece of blank white paper to fit on the right hand side of the brown paper
  • At this stage you can choose to write your own personal message onto the paper. Maybe add a little poem that you feel is appropriate. This is your time to put pen to paper and let your loved one or friend know how you feel.
  • Glue this into place on the brown paper
  • Put this aside for the time being.
write that special message onto the beach cardWrite a special message to someone you love

Step 4 - Add the 3 D Effects

Now it's time to choose where you want your shells and sea glass to go.

Using the bristle paint brush, add glue to the areas on the photo in places where the sand is to go.

apply glue to areas for sandUsing bristle brush, apply glue to areas you want sand to adhere

Step 5 - Add the Beach

Take a flat tray and pore the sand into it. Flatten it out. Don't worry if there are bits of shell in it, will make it look real 'beachy.'

Here's a tip: If you are using Craft Sand, leave it out to air as sometimes it can be quite pungent. Find some broken pieces of shell, wrap them in an old rag and hammer the bundle to break the shell into tiny little pieces. I sometimes use an old coffee grinder to get the same effect only takes a few seconds to grind the shell up. You can then add this to the craft sand to give it a real 'beachy' look.

Here's a tip: If you are using Craft Sand, leave it out to air as sometimes it can be quite pungent. Find some broken pieces of shell, wrap them in an old rag and hammer the bundle to break the shell into tiny little pieces. I sometimes use an old coffee grinder to get the same effect only takes a few seconds to grind the shell up. You can then add this to the craft sand to give it a real 'beachy' look.

Now place the card face side down into the sand and press firmly making sure that all the glue areas are totally covered. You might need to add a little more glue to some areas to get a decent build up of sand. Are you happy with the result? Great!

apply the sand to the cardApplying the beach sand to your Beach Card

Step 6 - Add the Sea Glass

  • Glue the sea glass (and shells if you want to) onto the areas you have chosen. If there is any glue showing at all, just sprinkle a bit of sand over it to cover it completely. 
  • Set the card aside to dry completely. 
  • Once dry make sure that everything has adhered to the photo. There may be a little sand fallout but that's fine, most will have adhered.well. Check that the shells and sea glass are stuck. If perchance they are a little loose, re-glue them firmly.
glue sea glass to beach cardNow is the time to glue your sea glass pieces to the Beach Card

Step 7 - Finish the Insert

  • Take the brown paper insert and place it in the middle of the card
  • Cut a piece of twine 3 times the width of the card
  • Open the card and brown paper insert and place the twine down the centre crease.
  • Close the card, even the twine and tie a knot. Then tie a bow and trim the edges. You might like to use some glue on thhe bow to stick to the card.
completed beach cardFinished 3D Beach card complete with sand and sea glass

You now have a beautiful, handmade beach to send to a friend or loved family member.card. A card that I am sure they will thoroughly appreciate and cherish as a loving keepsake.

Use this idea to share your memories of happy times together, a special friendship shared or even just a 'thinking of you'pick me up.

Why not make several of these beach cards to send out on special occasions, they will always be well received. The wonderful thing about these cards, is because they are handmade, they are all different and unique. That's what makes them SPECIAL

Posting your Beach Card

Because your card is 3 dimensional, may I suggest that you use a padded envelope or sturdy postage pack, to send it through the mail. That way, it will be well protected. 

. I bet you know someone who would just love to receive one of these special beach cards?

sturdy post pack for beach cardPost your Beach Card in a sturdy post pack or padded envelope

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Did you have a special person to send it to? Perhaps you wrote a little poem that you would like to share?
I'll add your content to my website and that way you can become part of the Southern Shores Sea Glass content Team!
It's east to do, so don't feel intimidated. Just follow these simple steps and don't forget to add some photos as well.

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