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Handmade Beach Christmas Greeting Cards

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How does one create a Christmas card depicting the beach if you don't actually live by the seashore?

No beach nearby?
No problem!
With some imagination and some creativity, you can create a beach themed Christmas card that all your friends and family will be thrilled to receive!

The best thing of all, you ill be able to use all that sea glass that you have been collecting during the year to create the card and still retain most of your own collection to use in other projects.

Materials for the Beach Christmas Greeting Cards

  • Sand - can be Craft sand that you can purchase in Hobbyist Shops or sand that you have collected on beaches that you have wandered. just make sure that there are no laws against doing so. Some councils may have by-laws restricting the removal of sand, shells etc. 
    You could also combine both the commercially sought craft sand and your own, to create a unique blend.
  • Sea Glass sorted into different colors
  • Holding tray for the sand, fairly large to create a 'beach'
  • Star Fish or cardboard cutout star for the top of the tree
  • Camera or phone to capture the image
  • Photo Editor set up - I use a laptop and PicMonkey
  • Photo Adhesive paper - A4 size is used in this project
  • Ink Jet Printer
  • Scissors
  • Card stock with envelope
  • Superglue

Instructions for making the Beach Christmas Greeting Cards

  • Add the sand mix to the tray and spread it out evenly
  • Add pieces of sea glass along the exterior line of a tringle, creating the 'tree'
  • With darker pieces of se glass, create a trunk for the Christmas tree
  • Using different sea glass colors, fill in the body of the tree
sea glass christmas tree on sandSea glass Christmas tree mosaic on sand
Close up of sea glass Christmas tree mosaic on sandClose up of sea glass Christmas tree mosaic on sand
different colored sea glassDifferent colored sea glass
colored sea glass Christmas tree trunkColored sea glass Christmas tree trunk
Star fish Christmas tree topperStar fish Christmas tree topper

Once the sea glass Christmas tree mosaic has been completed it is time to capture a photo of it.

Download the photo to your computer or laptop and upload it to your favorite photo editor. In this case PicMonkey has been used.

Crop the photo to just show the tree itself. Size it to around 800 x 530px. Edit the color, saturation and contrast to suit. Using the Christmas 'theme', choose a Christmas greeting to add to the photo. You may like to also add a border around the edge, maybe add a Christmas icon as well. This is your card to create as you wish.

crop the photoCrop the photo
add Christmas greeting and borderAdd Christmas greeting and border
completed beach Christmas card photoCompleted photo to use on beach Christmas greeting cards

Now that the photo has been created, save it to your computer.

Time now to print it out. (You might also consider having this done professionally. Here in Victoria, we have a company called Officeworks that can do this in bulk or you can take your completed photo on a USB and print it out yourself using their printer program.)
If printing this yourself, load the Adhesive photo paper into the printer, choose the edited photo and print your photos. The option chosen to print here will allow for 4 photos to be printed on an A4 sheet of adhesive paper.

Using the easy method below to remove adhesive, expose the adhesive backing and then gently and gradually adhre the photo to the card. Make sure that it is centered.

Handy Tip

With a piece of scrap adhesive paper, pull the backing paper away a little. Place photo, FACE SIDE UP, onto the adhesive side.

Then using the attached scrap piece pull back slowly to expose the adhesive on the photo.

Fold the backing paper over. Adhere the photo to the card, being careful to place it central, slowly peel the backing paper back until the photo has been fully placed. Press down gently and make sure all sides are well stuck.

adhesive photo paperAdhesive photo paper
trim beach christmas greeting cardsTrim beach Christmas greeting cards
peel adhesive backing paperPeel adhesive backing paper
Adhere photo to cardAdhere photo to card

Choose a few pieces of sea glass and using the superglue, glue these down onto the card. Once dry, make sure that the card fits well into the envelope.

glue sea glass to cardGlue sea glass to card
fit card into envelopeFit card into envelope
completed beach Christmas cardCompleted beach Christmas card

Like what you see and would like to purchase this exact beach themed Christmas greeting card, just choose to purchase from the Southern Shores Sea Glass Shop here.

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Beach Christmas Greeting Cards pinterest pin

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