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Beach Themed Christmas Cards Using Sea Glass

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What better way to celebrate the festive season with your family and friends than sending them a totally unique Christmas card that you have made yourself.

A card that tells a story, holds a memory or paints a picture in the mind of the recipient.

Almost everyone loves the beach and to create handmade beach themed Christmas cards to give to someone has to better than picking up a packet of commercially made cards with an impersonal message written inside.

These 2 ideas presented below will show you just how easy it is to create a beautiful Christmas card.

Build on the ideas here to add your own personal touch. You could even decorate the inside of the card or print out your own personal message, adding another layer to the creation.

The sea glass used on both these cards here were collected on Frankston beach, here in Victoria, Australia

beach themed christmas cards with sea glassHandmade beach themed Christmas cards with personally collected sea glass

What you will need

  • cards and envelopes - 5 x 7 is a great size to use
  • superglue
  • adhesive glue for trim
  • A4 photo adhesive paper - matt or gloss
  • printer - one that can print photos
  • scissors
  • guillotine (optional)
  • ruler
  • marker/s
  • trims - jute, ribbon (optional)
  • photo/photos - create your own or have them printed at your local stationary provider. Here, in Victoria, Australia, I sometimes print my photos at Officeworks. They also offer special deals on bulk envelope and card sets.
  • computer and photo editing program


In this tutorial you are going to create your own beach themed Christmas card. For this first step you will need a computer and your favorite photo editing program.

These examples below have been created using a simple and very easy to use photo editor. PicMonkey is an online photo editing and design service that can be accessed from a web browser, or through a mobile app. The editor has plenty of easy to follow tutorial videos, making editing an enjoyable process.

Step 1 - Create the Christmas Photo

  • Access the photograph/s to use for your beach themed Christmas cards and upload it to the photo editor
  • Resize the photo - 800 x 530 pixels is a good size to use. Adjust the colors and contrast to your satisfaction
  • If you want to, now is the time to add some Christmas embellishments to the card, This example has used the PicMonkey SANTA LAND theme choice, adjust accordingly
  • Save the edited photo to your computer and create more beach themed Christmas cards as you wnt to using different photos, embellishments etc. Experiment with the photo editor for different effects. The Christmas bauble card was created using 'frost' in Effects 
choose text for beach themed christmas cardChoose text for beach themed Christmas card
editing beach themed christmas cardEditing beach themed Christmas cards

Step 2 - Print the Christmas card photo

  • Load the printer with the A4 photo adhesive paper making sure that the printed side is loaded correctly.
  • Access the photo on your computer and right click on 'Print'. Choose your photo layout for A4, for this example, 4 photos can be fitted onto an A4 size. This will give you 4 photos that will fit well on the card
frankston beach themed christmas card photoFrankston beach themed Christmas card photo
christmas bauble beach themed christmas card photoChristmas bauble beach themed Christmas card photo
  • Print the sheet and check that the size and colors are correct
  • Using scissors or a guillotine cut the photos. Make sure that the photo fits onto the card before removing the adhesive backing
adhesive photo paperAdhesive photo paper
printing beach themed christmas cardsPrinting beach themed Christmas cards
trimming beach themed christmas cards
individual beach themed christmas cardsIndividual beach themed Christmas cards

Step 3 - Mount the Christmas Card

Handy Tip

Using a piece of scrap adhesive paper, pull the backing paper away a little. Place photo, FACE SIDE UP, onto the adhesive side.

Then using the attached scrap piece pull back slowly to expose the adhesive on the photo.

Fold the backing paper over. Adhere the photo to the card, being careful to place it central, slowly peel the backing paper back until the photo has been fully placed. Press down gently and make sure all sides are well stuck.

remove adhesive backing on beach themed christmas cardsRemove adhesive backing on beach themed Christmas cards
adhere photo to beach themed christmas cardsAdhere photo to beach themed Christmas cards

Step 4 - Personalize the beach themed Christmas cards

  • Time now to add your especially chosen pieces of sea glass. Superglue seems to do the trick quite well and dries instantly
  • At this stage make sure that the card fits well into the envelope, the addition of the sea glass has creted some depth thst needs to be accounted for. 
add sea glass to beach themed christmas cardsAdd sea glass to beach themed Christmas cards
fit beach themed christmas cards into envelopeFit beach themed Christmas cards into envelope

You might like to add some extra trimming to the card. You could use ribbon, jute rope trim, stamps or pen markers. Gilding wax gives a great finish to the edges of the card. Totally up to you as to what you do from here. If you have used a photo that carries a great memory or maybe the sea glass has a special meaning, why not write a little story and print it out to go inside the card.

Embellish beach themed christmas cardsEmbellish beach themed Christmas cards
Christmas baubles beach themed christmas cards photosChristmas baubles card printed
add sea glass to Christmas baubles cardAdd sea glass to Christmas baubles card
add trimming to Christmas baubles cardAdd trimming to Christmas baubles card

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