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How To Find The Best Beaches For Sea Glass

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What makes for an excellent beach to wander over for a great sea glass haul?

There are some basic, fundamental ideas that, if followed, can almost guarantee some sort of a reward for the effort. 

I say almost as there is no real guarantee that the forces of nature combined with timing, will see the depositing of this illusive treasure. However, in saying this, there are some beaches where the glass is so prevalent, that you will always find some sea glass but these are few and far between.

If we are talking sea glass beaches in the southern hemisphere that will not disappoint, Glass Beach in Robe, South Australia, from personal experience, the town beach in Akarowa, in New Zealand and Frankston/Mt Eliza beach in Victoria

In the northern hemisphere,  Fort Bragg Glass Beach California., Chemical Beach & North Beach, Seaham, England, Hanapepe Bay Glass Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, Steklyashka Beach, Vladivostok, Russia,  Davenport Beach, California, Sea Glass Beach, Okinawa, Japan and the Washington state beaches are just a few of the coastal sites where you will find sea glass.

All these beaches from all over the world have a common element associated with them along with other natural occurring elements.

glass beach, Robe, South AustraliaThe cove in Glass Beach in Robe South Australia

One of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your time searching for sea glass is rewarded with some treasure is to ask the locals in the area. The people who actually live in the area are usually forthcoming with information about their region. If sea glass is to be found on the beaches nearby, someone will know. Study the local area, pop into some of the historical buildings and checkout their displays.

I learnt a lot about Robe's Glass Beach by chatting with the local jeweler, . They had a sea glass display and they were only too proud to share the fact that their sea glass was found at their local beach and why it was so prevalent. 

old glass bottle debrisGlass bottle on the shoreline. Either discarded overboard at sea or dumped as land pollution

Sea Glass has to come from something that has been made by man. Be it a bottle, an instrument, an ornament, kitchenware or jewelry, mankind has had a hand in producing it and along with mother nature, the treasures have been slowly formed.

Clean, open expanses of coastline are not the places to find sea glass unless there have been ship wrecks in the area that still are breaking up and depositing their cargo onto the seashore. Not that common in this day and age.

clean open stretches of coastlineA clean, sandy, open stretch of coastal shoreline.

When it comes to the shoreline, the best beaches for sea glass can be found where the sand is covered with an outcrop of rocks, stones and pebbles. These have been deposited usually from the eroding cliff faces overlooking the beach. Some of the stones are from the breakdown of the rocky reefs by the seashore. 

However, rocks on the beach are not enough if thee is to be sea glass found and it still requires some sort of human involvement. This can come in the form of ...

  • beaches near industrial areas 
  • beaches near glass manufacturing plants
  • beaches near community dwellings
  • beaches that have been used as tip sites
  • beaches near old ship wrecked sites

The best beaches for sea glass collecting have piers and broken sea walls, areas where sea glass can be trapped as it washes onto the shore, are also the best beaches for sea glass collecting. Sometimes if you get the opportunity to dig a little, you can unearth some hidden gems.

Watch the weather forecast and if you see a storm due, head on down to your best beaches for sea glass just after it passes as the action of the waves will usually have uncovered or washed up more treasures.

12 - Best Beaches for Sea Glass

Frankston Beach, Victoria, Australia

Glass beach, Robe, South Australia

Akarowa, New Zealand

Fort Bragg Glass Beach California

Sea Glass Beaches in Oregon

Sea Glass Beaches in Oregon

Hanapepe BayGlass Beach, Kauai,

Davenport Beach,

Washington Sea Glass

Chemical Beach & North Beach, Seaham, England

Sea Glass Beach, Okinawa,

Steklyashka Beach, Vladivostok,

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