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Fillable Christmas Tree Baubles Made With Sea Glass

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I don't know about you but I love Christmas trees and more importantly, I love to decorate them with as many Christmas decorations as I can.

As a young child, I used to make my own decorations every year. Some of these, 72 years later, still proudly adorn my yearly Christmas tree.

This handmade Christmas tree bauble is so simple and easy to make and can be created by kids of all ages.

Create one or more of these to add to your very own Christmas tree decoration collection, maybe make a few extras to hand out to friends and family.

They would make a beautiful Christmas gift as well, boxed up with a pretty ribbon. Something that the receiver would cherish and use themselves to decorate their own Christmas tree.

Perhaps the kids might like to make some of them for their school teachers at the end of their school year?

How unique and quite inexpensive to make, handcrafted using actual genuine sea glass that you and the children might have personally collected on one or more of your beachcombing adventures.

What you will need

  • fillable Christmas baubles ( these you can find on Amazon or Ebay)
  • craft sand or your own collection of beach sand
  • small funnel
  • muffin pan
  • shells and pottery shards (optional)
  • sea glass pieces ( small enough to fit through the bauble neck), assorted colors or all one color
  • small containers to sort sea glass into
  • 100 LED battery powered string fairy lights (these can be found on Ebay or Amazon)
  • chain/ribbon/string/jute string/wire - to hang the Christmas tree baubles
  • Blu Tac (optional)
  • tweezers or small pliers

Step 1 - Set up the Christmas Tree Baubles to fill

Sit the baubles upright in the muffin tray. I work on 6 baubles at a time. If you don't want the bauble to move as you work on it, you might like to pop some Blu Tac into each muffin cup. After step 2, gently push the bauble down, securing it in the cup space.

setting up the work station for creating the christmas tree baublesSetting up the work station for creating the Christmas tree baubles

Step 2 - Fill Christmas Tree Baubles with Sand

Using a small funnel, I've used a piece of recycled packaging plastic to create an easy tool, slowly pour the sand into the bauble.

As you can see here, I fill the baubles over the tray of prepared sand. The sand I've used for this project has been created using Craft Sand and smashed shells mixed together with beach sand personally collected on one or more southern shores beaches.

It's up to you as to how much sand you add to the bauble, just remember that sea glass and possibly shells along with the fairy lights will have to fit into the Christmas decoration.

If you are using your own sand mix, be aware that you may have some sandy dust that could settle on the sides of the bauble. Using only Craft Sand doesn't seem to leave a dusty residue. Interesting, it really doesn't matter as it adds to the authentic beachy 'feel' the Christmas tree baubles take on.

adding sand to baubleAdding sand to the Christmas tree bauble

Step 3 - Sort Sea Glass Pieces

You may have chosen to use all sorts of sea glass colors that you have collected. Or you may just want to use one color. Personal choice.

If you are using more than one color, it's easier if you sort the colors into small containers

sort the sea glass colorsSort the sea glass colors

Step 5 - Fill Christmas Bauble with Sea Glass

Time to add the sea glass pieces and if you like you can add some small shells to complement the beach scene. The sea glass pieces don't need to be perfect.

You can use little pieces that may be chipped slightly, great way to use up some pieces that may not be able to use in your other crafting projects. 

filling the christmas tree baubles with sand and sea glassFilling the Christmas tree baubles with sand and sea glass

Step 6 - Prepare Christmas Fairy Lights

Time to add the fairy lights.

The description for the ones used here is ...

  • Flexible & Durable: 20 mini individual LEDs with extra thin silver wire will illuminate any dark corner and create a romantic atmosphere in your home, restaurant or shops
  • Small battery pack is easy to hide, non submersible battery pack, CR2032 batteries ( include ) are required to work
  • High quality copper wire and LED material makes the lights can be durable for daily use
  • Simple button cell power, Includes: ON and OFF switch
  • Ideal for Christmas, party, wedding and other celebration occasions

Test the little string of lights before you add them to the Christmas tree baubles.

battery operated fairy lightsCheck the battery operated fairy lights
fairy lights workingFairy lights are working

Step 7 - Insert Christmas Fairy Lights

Gently drop the lights into the bauble, leaving a small length of the wire out along with the control switch.

Place the metal cap over the neck of the bauble and adjust the fairy light's wire. Take the 2 pronged metal piece and thread both 'legs' through the holes in the Christmas tree baubles metal top, securing everything. Check that the lights are working once more.

Now comes the to add the wire/ribbon/jute or wire to the bauble so that it will hang from the Christmas tree branch. Wipe any dust that may have settled on the outside of the bauble. 

If the kids are creating these, they might like to make up a little name tag and either drop it into the bauble prior to adding the lights or just tie it onto the bauble itself.

securing top to christmas tree baubleFitting top to Christmas tree bauble
adding hanging chain to christmas tree baubleAdd chain to Christmas tree bauble
handmade christmas tree baubleHandmade Christmas tree bauble

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