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2 Easy Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas
Using 'Sea Glass'

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When you begin to look for ideas on what you can use to make your personal Christmas cards for your friends and family this year, there are so many suggestions. It can become quite overwhelming.

Perhaps you have never thought to use some of that amazing sea glass that you have collected over the years. 

On this page you will find 2 easy to duplicate Christmas tree card craft ideas on how to use sea glass to create Christmas trees. The basic steps are laid out for you to follow as is or use the basics and add your own unique creativity to produce little works of unique art that your family and friends will love.

You will also find at the end of the page, a little bonus Christmas greeting card idea that you can whip up out of a few bits and pieces of scrap paper and cardboard. Include some sand you collected at the beach and some of those small bits of sea glass you have lying around to create a simple, yet so easy greeting card to post off or attach to a present for a special loved one.

Please note that Maz from Southern Shores Sea Glass is not a professional craft teacher, very obvious with some of the methods that she uses. Lol!

She is self taught and wants to share some easy to follow tips and suggestions being totally fascinated with what she is learning along this journey.

In creating these Christmas tree card craft ideas we will be using some really basic and inexpensive materials and tools and some recycling is involved, seems to be a common thread throughout these crafting pages.

No 1 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

This is what you are about to create using sea glass that you have collected either thus year out on your adventures or had lying round for years and you've not know what you can do with it.

Like putting jig saw puzzles together? Well, this is sort of like that only using sea glass.

Materials: No 1 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

  • Sea Glass, different colors of green and white
  • Card Stock - in this instance the size used is 12cm x 17cm
  • Envelope to fit - the card and envelope were bought at the same time in a set with thee envelope dimensions at 12.4cm x 17.4cm.
    **** The extra width dimensions allow for the addition of the materials ****
  • fine line Pencil
  • Beads, these can be new or recycled from necklaces found in your local Thrift/Opportunity Shops
  • Pliers 
  • Recycled cardboard
  • PVA/Craft glue or double adhesive tape
  • E6000 adhesive for the Sea Glass
  • Skewer or small stick to use to apply the E6000 glue
  • Red ribbon or red raffia ( left over wrapping was used from last year's Christmas presents - yes, Maz is a bit of a Bower Bird )
sea glass christmas tree card craft ideas  materialsMaterials to use to create your Christmas Tree Card

Instructions: No 1 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

  • Choose a piece of cardboard. The old recycled Cheddar Shapes box works a treat for this Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas.  Tear it on all 4 sides making sure that it will fit the card. The extra dimension of the layering from the 'tearing' adds to the fun, handmade look of the card
  • Very lightly, sketch out the outline of a wide based triangle. Leave a space at the top of it for the Christmas Star
  • Lay out the sea glass on a piece of white paper or cardboard so that you can easily see their shapes.
  • This step brings in your jigsaw solving skills. Lay pieces of sea glass onto the cardboard, filling in the Christmas tree outline. The pieces don't have to fit snugly, just enough to get the effect.
recycled cardboardThickness of recycled cardboard
green sea glass piecesGreen sea glass pieces for the Christmas tree
  • Squeeze a small amount of the E6000 adhesive glue out onto a piece of scrap cardboard or plastic. Use only a small amount of glue each time as it cures quite quickly and you don't want to waste it.
  • Gently working your way down the card of unglued sea glass, take the first piece and using the skewer stick, smear some of the glue to the sea glass
  • Glue this into its position
  • Repeat all the way down to the bottom of the Christmas tree

Amazing E6000 has exceptional adhesion to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and concrete. It also Adheres strongly to leather, rubber, vinyl and many plastics. Amazing E6000 dries clear and once cured, It's waterproof, washer/dryer safe, paintable and safe for photographs.

e6000 glue for gluing sea glassE6000 glue best to glue the sea glass
spreading the e6000 glue onto sea glassSpreading the E6000 glue onto the sea glass
  • Take your recycled beads and glue them to the Christmas tree, using the same adhesive. Place them over the larger gaps to fill them in. In this instance, one of the recycled beads that was used came from a recycled necklace, turned out to be perfect for a Christmas star. You could also draw a star at the top of the tree, color it in or use some colored paper.
    - If using colored paper, cut 2 triangles and lay one upside down on top of the other. This creates a 6 pointed star. Glue this at the top of the tree and add a bead to its center
  • Apply the Craft Glue to the card, making sure that there is enough to glue the sea glass Christmas tree down but not too much so as to squeeze out the sides of the cardboard... Make the sea glass tree before you glue the whole thing down, that way you don't mess the backing card up along the way ( Ask Maz how she knows )
    You could use strips of double adhesive tape instead of glue at this step. Depending on the glue being used, there is a possibility that it creates a puckering on the inside of the card. If that doesn't worry you then just use the good old craft glue.
  • Tie a bow and glue it to cardboard and allow everything to dry 
beading the christmas cardBeading up the Christmas Card
add bow to Christmas tree cardAdd bow to sea glass Christmas tree card
  • Gently side the card into the envelope to make sure that it fits. If you are sending this through the mail and the envelope will allow for extra padding, wrap the card in this padding before you send it off. It will help to protect your beautiful work.
fit card into envelopeMake sure the Christmas tree Card fits into envelope

Now that you have your beautiful card made you might like to combine it with a sea glass gift. Handcrafted using genuine sea glass from southern shores beaches.

No 2 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

Another very simple but effective way to use some of your sea glass pieces to create a unique Christmas tree card craft ideas handmade card. Recycling bits and pieces and doing your little bit for the universe is a great way too teach the younger generation that something can be made out of the very basic materials and using a little imagination.

Materials: No 2 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

  • Green Sea Glass - sorted into triangular shapes
  • Small  pieces of Brown Sea Glass for tree trunks
  • Recycled cardboard
  • PVA/Craft glue
  • Card stock as before
  • Envelope as before
  • Christmas Stamp/s and Stamp pad
  • Beads, recycled or new
  • E6000 adhesive glue
  • Strip white paper or card

Instructions: No 2 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

  •  Choose your cardboard piece, in this instance a thicker piece of packaging was chosen. 
  • Tear it to fit the card stock.
recycled cardboard piecesRecycled cardboard pieces
fit cardboard to card stock cardFit torn cardboard to card stock card
  • Glue this to the card using the PVA glue and allow to set. If you prefer, you can make the Christmas Trees part first and then glue that onto the card. The PVA takes some toe to dry. ( Maz is impatient, so she does this step last after completing the stamping and sea glass gluing ) 
  • Using your choice of Christmas stamp/s, stamp up the cardboard ( Maz made a mistake, however, it turned out to be a mistake in disguise!  She's not too good with her stamping technique )
hobby glue used to create Christmas tree cardHobby glue used to create the Christmas tree card
Stamping up the Christmas tree cardStamping up the Christmas tree card
  • Lay the green, triangular Sea Glass out onto the cardboard and using the E600 adhesive, glue into place.
  • Do the same thing with the little brown pieces of sea glass, using these as the tree trunks.
glue sea glass to cardboardGlue sea glass to Christmas Tree cardboard
  • See here how terrible the stamping turned out! So, voila, with a little poetic licence and a bit of much needed creativity, the mistake has been covered up. Looks more effective as well!
  • Add the beads for effect or tie a red bow with ribbon and beads 
one of the semi completed christmas tree card craft ideasMistake rectified
beaded up Christmas tree cardBeaded up Christmas tree card

Make sure that this dimensional Christmas Tree card fits into the envelope once again and if there is room add a little padding to protect it further when posting.

completed christmas tree craft card ideas number 2Fitting the completed Christmas tree craft card ideas number 2

Bonus - Easy Christmas Card Idea for You!


  • 2 x Sea Glass pieces
  • 2 x cardboard stars
  • Card stock card and envelope
  • Christmas stamp and stamp pad
  • E6000 glue
  • PVA/Craft  glue
  • Red ribbon/chord or red raffia


  • Using recycled cardboard packaging, cut out stars. They doesn't have to be perfect in shape. The more imperfect, the more handmade they looks.
  • Spread some PVA/Craft glue onto the front of the stars and press them into some sand.
  • Once it is dry glue a piece of sea glass to the center of each using E6000
  • Using your card stock card or recycled white cardboard - cut and folded into a card, glue the stars onto it using the PVA
  • Stamp the card with a Christmas stamp/stamps
  • Add a red bow for extra effect
  • Once dry, insert into the envelope and make sure that it fits.

These make excellent gift cards for that special person in your life.

If you need to make a larger envelope, you can do so by using this free envelope template

glue the sandy stars onto Christmas cardGlue the sandy stars onto Christmas card
diy beach themed christmas cardCompleted DIY beach themed Christmas card

Shopping for 'Christmas Gifts' to go with your Christmas tree card craft ideas?

Here are a few gift suggestions uniquely handcrafted using genuine sea glass that has been collected on the shores of southern hemisphere beaches.

Part 2 - Christmas Tree Card Craft Ideas

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