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Top 6 Craft Card Ideas for Christmas using Sea Glass

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Throughout the year you may have been lucky enough to have found some beautiful pieces of sea glass on your beachcombing adventures.

Have you ever thought to use some of your collection to create everlasting memories for your loves ones, friends and family?

These homemade Christmas greeting cards are easy to create with just a few materials and a little creative imagination. They can also make for excellent Christmas card crafts for kids, cards that they can share memories with their Grandparents of times spent down by the ocean collecting their treasures.

Card making doesn't have to be difficult, you don't have to become a scrap-booking expert to combine a few simple techniques and produce a really personal Christmas card that truly will surprise and please its recipient.

There are 6 top ideas on this page that are easy to implement. Use the basic methods of each and add your own personal little extra touches if you like. Feel free to experiment.

Maybe turn this little exercise into a yearly tradition, making an easy Christmas greeting card every year with some of that year's sea glass finds. If this is something you might like to consider, then don't forget to put the date onto the card.

If you don't actually have a collection of sea glass that you have personally collected this year, no problem. You can purchase sea glass on the internet in bulk to use to create your awesome handmade Christmas cards. If you are going to do this, then be aware that some sea glass purchased this way can actually be fake and man made. It's still a suitable substitute for the real thing but of course it doesn't carry that personal memory attached to it.

Choose any of the craft card ideas for Christmas below. Click onto an image for more information. Maybe you might like to make them all!

Click on a Craft Card Ideas for Christmas image below for more information

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merry christmas from southern shores sea glassHere's to a very Merry Christmas

Shop for Sea Glass Gifts

Do you know someone who just loves handcrafted products? Maybe they love Sea Glass just like you?

Check out this unique product that you might like to consider as a special gift, possibly to lift someone's spirit a little and maybe generate a pleasant memory or two. Add it to one of your very own homemade craft card ideas for Christmas and it will create a wonderful present for your loved one.

Check out more hand crafted sea glass craft in my Online Sea Glass Shop. There are new products being added all the time and each is individually made by Maz, here in Pakenham, Victoria - Australia. The sea glass used is collected on the southern beaches of Victoria such as Robe in South Australia

Have Fun!

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