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If you are a lover of Sea Glass...

sea glass collectionSea Glass collected from the Frankston foreshore

or you would simply love to learn more about the relationship that a man made product and the oceans from around the worlds enjoy, please subscribe to 'The Stoop' - for Sea Glass Lovers.

The website is fresh and new and an exciting project that I am extremely proud to be sharing with you all.

So I'll be updating and growing this site with more and more of my experiences. And even as I'm learning new skills,I'm going to be passing on the things I'm learning along the way so that you too, can learn.

Please subscribe to my monthly e-zine,The Stoop, so you don't miss a thing.

Subscribe to 'THE STOOP'
And as my personal Thank You

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The Stoop will provide you with Up-to-the-moment information about the latest tips and techniques for finding sea glass, how to store it, what to do with your wonderful collections and maybe an occasional splattering of NEW found beaches to explore! Lot's of "how to" articles, your questions - answered, and monthly FUN tasks to keep you, and maybe your kids, busy.

  What You Will And Will Not Get In The Creative Newsletter

  • There is no way The Stoop will flood your email box with unnecessary information
  • No 'hard sell' tactics will be used to entice you to buy 'stuff' you really didn't want.
  • If there is a product etc that I think you may be interested in, sharing it with you and knowing from my own personal experience that that the product is worth recommending will definitely be something that Southern Shores Sea Glass would love to do occasionally
  • The Stoop will always be respectful of your Privacy and will never pass your email address onto any other 3rd party
  • If, in my opinion, there is a something that I think you may benefit from before the next newsletter goes out, I may occasionally pass this onto you. If you don't want me to do this please let me know by contacting me here on this page

Here's to a great time together exploring the world of Sea Glass. And please, if you ever have a question that you think I may be able to answer, please don't hesitate to pop over here on my Contact Me page and ask away.

Here's to your next creative newsletter edition of The Stoop.
PS: Make sure that my email doesn't hit your SPAM folder! Otherwise you'll miss out on all the gossip!

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