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Frankston is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. It is located 41 km south-east of the Melbourne city centre, north of the Mornington Peninsula.

It is often referred to as "the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula".

It was officially established 29 May 1854, however, Europeans first set foot in Frankston as early as 30 January 1803.

Captain Charles Grimes and his party came ashore searching for fresh water, and met with around 30 local inhabitants, near the mouth of Kananook Creek.

Fishermen were among the earliest Europeans to unofficially settle the Frankston area following the foundation of Melbourne on 30 August 1835.

Living in tents and wattle and daub huts on its foreshore and around the base of Olivers Hill, they would travel by boat to the early Melbourne township to sell their catches. This piece of local history has significant importance to the fact that at the base of Olivers Hill small pieces of sea pottery and sea glass can usually be found amongst the small rocky outcrop.

olivers hill carpark sea gulls frankstonSea gulls and the rocky reef at the base of Olivers Hill, Frankston, Victoria, Australia

The coastline varies from high bluffs of weathered granite to long sandy beaches with the largest contiguous coastal vegetation in proximity to Melbourne.

Grasslands along the frankston foreshoreGrasslands along the Frankston foreshore with the Frankston Pier and Seal Rock in the distance on the left.

Where is the Frankston Beach Sea Glass Collecting Site?

Drive into the Olivers Hill Boat Ramp car park and continue past the actual boat ramp and park almost at the end. You can see the rocky outcrop to your left.

This is a small outcrop of basalt and granite rock that is part of the reef at the base of Olivers Hill. It tends to capture the much sought after treasures of sea glass and sea pottery. Seal Rock (folklore has it that a large seal often frequents this spot, sunning itself in the winter months) is the perfect spot to forage when the tide is out.

seal rock olivers hill frankstonSeal Rock at the base of Olivers Hill in Frankston, Victoria, Australia

There is a secondary sandy spot near the boat ramp is more accessible when the tide is fully out. Although there isn't much to be found here.

Both spots are accessible by way of bluestone steps down onto the beach areas. There is no wheelchair access. 

secondary sandy spot olivers hill car parkA secondary sandy spot at the Olivers Hill car park with boat ramp in distance.

How To Get To Frankston Beach

If you are travelling by car to Frankston there are two options available. EastLink tollway is the fastest and most direct route and Nepean Highway is a scenic drive taking you along the coast and through some of Melbourne’s more affluent bayside suburbs. If you travel along EastLink, make sure you buy a trip pass to avoid fines.

Travel by train to Frankston and then walk about 2 kilometres to the sea glass collecting site. Make sure of your tide times so that you don't waste your journey. There is also a bus that you could catch from Frankston Station to the base of Olivers Hill at Plummer Road.

If you miss the low tide time at Frankston Beach, the water is shallow enough to wade through but be sure to wear suitable footwear as the rocks are sharp and uneven and there can be some broken shards of modern bottle glass and possibly discarded syringes. (sadly)

seagull fishingIs this seagull fishing or has it found some sea glass treasure?

The quality of sea glass found varies considerably and the age of pieces found is quite broad. In the picture here you can see that the main colors found are whites, greens and brown. Most shards are well worn and weathered with an occasional chip or crack in the piece. The sea pottery found is usually from dinnerware, small Wedgwood pieces and well worn art nouveau pieces.

Origins of most pieces of the sea glass found at Frankston Beach are from discarded bottles, beer, medicine and soft drink, some with identification marks still on their bases, Pieces of old car windshield glass have also been found in small quantities. 

The best times to collect are during the week on a low tide, avoid the public as this area gets really busy due to the jet boaters and fishermen/women.

Take the opportunity to wander along the Frankston beach foreshore using the boardwalks provided. 

Check out the bronze statues near the Kananook Creek bridge. Walk the length of the pier.

frankston foreshore bronze statues

Address: Base Oliver's Hill Nepean Hwy
Distance from Mel': 44kms
Map refs: M 100A/A8 U 42/B12 
Public Transport: Train to Frankston Station (1-2 km walk)
Parking: FREE at site and Street Parking for 2 hours
Not at Site
Dogs: On leash (April-Nov)

Kiosk/Cafe: Sofia Restaurant and Coffee Van
Not at site
Shade:  Not at Site
Not at Site
Wheelchair Access:
Sea Glass Site: Oliver's Hill boat ramp beach

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