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It's a Saturday morning and I'm here, sitting at my dining table creating more content for my brand spanking new website, Southern Shores Sea Glass.

Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that this is what I would be doing in my 70's! And, guess what? I'm loving every minute of the process.

I started on this journey of building a website way back in 2008, when I happened upon SBI ( now known as Solo Build It!) 

Personal circumstances had changed and I found myself home, not able to work and responsible for raising a very young granddaughter.

Now, housebound with time on my hands, I had to become creative or go crazy! It's funny how life throws you challenges that in hindsight turn out to be gifts.

I started to search for things that I might be able to do at home that would fill my day and at the same time offer me a place to go to to 'get away' from the heaviness around me.

There were plenty of stories to read. A Solo Build It review page filled with real people and the successes that were having with their businesses online.

dream a little dreamYou too could turn that dream of yours into a reality using this Solo Build It review

As it happens, the universe works in mysterious ways and when I stumbled onto that link to SBI, there was something that peaked my curiosity, so I researched more. The more I read about the ' C-T-P-M Process' , the more Solo Build It reviews I read, the more fascinated I became and slowly but surely I started to form an idea. An idea that eventually turned into my very own first website ... Family Getaways Melbourne 

family getaways melbourne website bannerWith the help of many a Solo Build It review- Family Getaways Melbourne was born

Yes, I took the plunge and signed up to start to create my very own website. Scary, you betcha! I had no idea how to do this but I just instinctively knew that if I followed the process, followed the Solo Build It review success stories, I had a good chance of getting something a little decent out there on the internet for folk to enjoy.

I love Melbourne and I love to explore the city and countryside. Whilst raising my family, I had always taken them on trips to different places, exploring what this amazing country, Australia, had to offer, and this was the basis of my first site

During my Solo Build It review research, I had read of the many success stories that people from all over the world were having. They were writing about all sorts of 'stuff', there were hobby sites, travel sites, gardening sites and so many more subjects. Even the owner of SBI, Ken Evoy,  has a daughter, Nori, who had and still has after all these years, a very profitable online business website, Anguilla Beaches

I've always been a little daring and entrepreneurial (thank the heavens for spell check), and raising 5 kids forced me into being a little creative with my income earning ideas ... lol, so venturing into unknown waters, scary as it was at the time, didn't really phase me. 

Wow! I signed up for a University Degree, or so it seemed. A huge learning curve but I slowly worked my way through the Solo Build It! Process and came out the other end with my Family Travel Website, and it's still going strong even to this day! I love to write passionately about things that I enjoy and about places that amaze me and that's the secret to writing good content that folk are interested in. Solo Build It! shows you how. The search engines find my pages and so do my site's visitors.

Building that site provided me with the knowledge and the amazing tools to now catapult me onto my new Project, my second website - Southern Shores Sea Glass, something I have been wanting to create for some time now and funnily enough, the universe has done it again. It's all about timing.

I've managed to collect sea glass from beaches here in Australia and from overseas, I even have pieces that I have found on the Isle of Capri!. It's sort of taken over my house! So, a natural topic to search using Solo Build It! tools was Sea Glass, and guess what? There are plenty of keywords that I can use to develop a really interesting site and attract visitors to it and here you are, now, visiting.

Hi There :-)

How To Start Your Very Own Website Using This Solo Build it Review

By following the Action Guide and the Solo Build It! Process you will learn how to ...

  • choose a niche
  • write the articles
  • add images, links, captions
  • how to use keywords  that help getting pages found - finding words and phrases that people use when searching for information about that niche. ( Just think, what was it that you typed in the search engine to find my Southern Shores Sea Glass website? )

And most importantly, how to make your website/business work for you - how it could actually make money. Keep reading my Solo Build It review for more reasons why Solo Build It is the way to go.

  More Reasons To Use Solo Build It! To Build Your Own Website

It can be quite scary sitting there with yourself as your only companion asking yourself questions! Have no fear. Support isn't far away. In the beginning it was mostly gobbledegook that I was sifting through, like a massive jigsaw puzzle but I also learnt early in the piece that I was not alone.

There is an incredible online and always active Solo Build It! Forum Community. So many times I've had to go in an ask a question and no question is too silly or lame to ask. There is always someone in there who can answer it for you and if perchance you require more help, then you do have a way of connecting to a real live person at Support!

Thanks to Laura, Carol and Jennifer, to name a few, they have managed to 'save my sanity' over the years. You are looked after by the most incredible support people, these folk live all over the world and should they need to, they will hand you over to another support person to follow through on your enquiry. Sometimes I've been supported by 3 different folk on one subject matter. HUGE factor in my suggesting Solo Build It! as your NEVER ON YOUR OWN!

If there happens to be one of those techie' problems, a little gremlin that has wandered onto your site causing you a little problem, have no fear, you will be ok! With the Techie Team behind the scenes ready to jump in to 'save the day', all will be fine. All you need to do is present the problem to Solo Build It! Support and they will see to it that the Team is notifies. Wow! That's a huge worry off my back, I can tell you as I am quite technically challenged.

solo build it forum formatSolo Build It Forum format

You can even ask for your site's page or a full Site review in the Forum and you always receive the most invaluable feedback to help you along on your journey to creating a wonderful and passion filled website.

Here's an amazing little fact. I received an email enquiry through the Contact Me page on my Family Getaways Melbourne Website. It came from a brand new Solo Build It! customer. What is quite amazing, is that this gentleman, Henry, lives just 2 suburbs away from me! We now communicate on a regular basis and I am able to help him along with building his new website. He, in turn, is able to give me constructive input on what I am doing with my own new websites. 4 eyes are always better than 2!

  Solo Build It Review - There's more to this than just building a website

Over the years I have managed to interact and communicate with people from all over the world. People who I would never have met had it not been for Solo Build It! I mentioned Henry, who lives a few suburbs away from me, he found me on the Solo Build It! Forum.

Then there is AJ from Fantastic Fiji, Paula from Phuket Travel Secrets and Jill from Art in Tropical Australia, just to mention a few Australian mates I've met over the years. All their sites have been built with Solo Build It!

My International friends come from many different countries. I Skype call with Mary from PrintnPractice - she is the one who convinced me to start another website! Then there's Louann from Wedding Flowers, we message often on Facebook and then there's Cath from Raising Happy Chickens. I met Cath online through the Solo Build It! forum and in 2014 I travelled to Italy where I spent a few days with her and her gorgeous husband, Mike. Their generosity was amazing and the memories that we made together I now carry close to my heart. 

cath and maz in italy 2014Staying with my English Solo Build It! friend at her home in Italy

And this is why I love and respect this lady so much!

And to quote Cath ( read her Solo Build It Review here)
"Just jump in.
'Trust the Process' because it works!"

  Solo Build It Review - And I can work whenever and wherever I want.

One of my favorite places to work is out in the fresh air under my pergola. With its cosy fire and comfy lounge chair, I have wiled away many an hour writing content for my first website. Now I can do the same with this one.

my office spaceOne of the areas where I choose to work at home building my websites

  There are some real scammers out there - Beware of Fake Reviews!

My story is REAL, my website building is a fascinating journey, my Solo Build It Review IS REAL! This is a journey that I am still on and enjoying thoroughly. However there are unscrupulous scalawags out there who will promise the world and deliver peanuts!

Claims of success are easy to make and can quite often be fake! Usually there's no way to check these claims out, no REAL people's  stories to read with actual LINKS to their websites! Here, on this page, Solo Build It! provides proof that this sort of thing continues to go on, sadly deceiving people and creating problems for the industry.

What annoys me greatly is that it means a lot of people, just like I was, with no previous experience of building a successful business, and no clue where to start, will never have the opportunity like I have had building my websites with Solo Build It!.

beware of fake reviewsBeware of Fake Reviews and scammers out there! Trust a REAL Solo Build It Review

  It's the 'Perfect Time' to start your own site

Has this Solo Build It Review wet your appetite? Does this sound appealing to you?

  • Work when you feel like it
  • Be able to work because you LOVE it
  • Choose what you do each day
  • Have some financial freedom to make choices that you would love to make
  • Learn a new skill set
  • Have an online presence
  • Be recognised as an authority in your field
  • Show your children that you're not too old to learn new tricks
  • Make new friends all over the world

Whatever your reality is right now, as these times may be proving to be a little unsettling, Solo Build It! could be the best thing that you have heard about in weeks … a tangible way to start a business that you can grow for years to come and take back control of your financial future. 

Don't Miss Out
Take Advantage of This Heavily Discounted Introductory Offer

  • SBI! Annual: $199 (regular price $299)
  • SBI! Monthly: $19.99 (regular price $29.99)
  • SBI! for WP Annual: $99 (regular price $149)
  • SBI! for WP Monthly: $9.99 (regular price $17)

*Upon renewal, after one year, the regular price applies.

Order Solo Build It! today

If you prefer to talk directly to someone from SiteSell, just call the number displayed here and quote the Promotional Code: 152892

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief 

requirements of life, when all that we need to make 

us happy is something to be enthusiastic about."

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

  And I'm Enthusiastic!

Perhaps you would appreciate being able to talk to someone directly, maybe even more so during this time of worldwide lockdowns. The Solo Build It! Advisor Team is happy to talk with you and answer questions and concerns in a friendly, helpful, informative (and non-salesy) manner.
Doug and Matt are both long time SBI! members who know SBI! and SBI! for WP inside and out. They also love talking on the phone (did we hear gasps from the introverts among us?).

Solo Build It!

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