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Some Facts About Me And My Fun 'Stooping' Passion

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To Stoop ... bend one's head or body forwards and downwards

picture of mazHELLO - THIS IS ME :-)

As a kid I was always on the lookout for an unusual rock or a pretty shell. I'd spend most of my school holidays scouring the local beaches or digging through mounds of dirt up in the Dandenong Ranges

I never thought in my 'later years, that I would become so passionately consumed with stooping so low! These days I take every opportunity to get out into the fresh air exercising, whilst hunting to add to, what has now become, my ever growing collection of sea glass and coastal memorabilia. It's all over my house and I love the memories that each piece floods my mind with.

I now 'stoop' beaches that I know will reward me with treasures, treasures that I can turn into arts and crafts that I love to share with family and friends.

As retirement has arrived, I have no intention of sitting around, getting old. I love to keep active and that means keeping this aging mind of mine skilled up! Combining a love for anything to do with the sea, particularly my passion for collecting sea glass, the enjoyment I get in writing and the amazing world that social  media has opened up, I'm having so much fun.

Southern Shores Sea Glass started as a thought some months ago.

I was sitting, looking around at all the sea glass I had in jars and bottles and boxes and I thought, "Come on Maz, how about you create some artsy pieces for a fun project" And I did just that, it was fun, so I created another piece and then another and soon I had all these sea glass art pieces that my friends loved and wanted to put into their own homes. It occurred to me that other folk might like to enjoy learning how to turn their treasured bits and pieces into practical memories.

collecting sea glass in AkaroaPerforming 'The Stoop' in Akaroa, New Zealand

Some facts about me - I also love to read books about far away places and tantalize myself with thoughts of visiting the best sea glass beaches in the world.  Yes, collecting sea glass has taken over my life, so much so that I have decided to write about my amazing hobby and create a website dedicated to it. 

I wish that I had written this article as it sums me up to a tee!

 I Want To Age Like Sea Glass

"I want to age like sea glass. Smoothed by tides, not broken. I want the currents of life to toss me around, shake me up and leave me feeling washed clean. I want my hard edges to soften as the years pass — made not weak, but supple. I want to ride the waves, go with the flow, feel the impact of the surging tides rolling in and out..."
Author - Bernadette Noll
Writer, author, maker and co-founder of Slow Family Living

Click here to read the full article

Some facts about me - My Favorite Place To Stoop - Frankston Foreshore

Some facts about me - Most times when I find a beach with sea glass on it, it's usually a fluke. The beach may have a few bits and pieces scattered on it but this one, Frankston Beach in Victoria, Australia, has always manages to surprise me each time I visit.

Sadly, our Australian beaches just don't have the quantity that some sea glass beaches in other parts of the world have to give up. So much so that when you do find one that has treasures to be found, you tend to keep it a secret! However, I do love to share with my friends (insert smiley emoji)

seal rock at Frankston BeachSeal Rock down at Frankston Foreshore, Victoria - Australia

Some facts about me - What An Adventure Awaits Me!

I had no idea when I sailed out of the Heads in Port Phillip Bay, that I was in for one of the biggest and best surprises of all time!

Several years ago I sailed on the Dawn Princess over to the land of the long white cloud - New Zealand. One of our stops was Akaroa.

sail away on the Dawn PrincessSailing away to New Zealand on the Dawn Princess

Akaroa is a town on the Banks Peninsula, southeast of Christchurch, New Zealand. Akaroa Beach is on the eastern shore of Akaroa Harbour, where rare Hector’s dolphins swim.

Not only that, just as you wander down the pier, thee on the right is a little beach. It doesn't look like much but on closer inspection, there is a treasure trove of sea glass and pottery shards. So much of it that after 'stooping'for close to 3 hours, I was exhausted! My pockets were full of treasures and my spirit was singing! What a wonderful surprise!

Akaroa BeachTo the right of the pier is the Sea Glass Beach in Akaroa

Back on board, I spent a delightful afternoon sorting through my amazing finds. Take a look at this beautiful piece of sea glass. This piece was actually found at the entrance to the little tributary that empties out into the Akaroa Harbour.  

sea glass from Akaroa beachBack on board the Dawn Princess sorting the sea glass that I found on Akaroa Beach

Some facts about me - A Serendipity Experience on the Isle of Capri

Some facts about me - 2018 saw me holidaying in the magic south of Italy. We had caught the ferry across to Capri from Sorrento ( those names are so exotic aren't they) and had just finished a spot of shopping. 

2 Aperol spritz later, I felt the urge to wander the foreshore whist we waited for the ferry back and guess what?To my greatest delight I found some amazing pieces of sea glass and pottery shards. (insert the biggest smiling emoji ever!) You just gotta love the unexpected serendipity experience! Handing these pieces back home, brings back some beautiful memories. I can smell the sea and hear all the noises of this coastal seaside village ... I want to go back .. 

Some facts about me - It's a 'Stooping' Family

sea glass from frankston beachRuby wins the biggest sea glass piece from Frankston foreshore

Some facts about me - Anyone who lives with me or has anything to do with me, knows that when I am on mission to go sea glass collecting, they are in for a treat. My granddaughter, Rubes, loves to visit our favourite sea glass beach down at Frankston. Here, we spend the time stooping for treasures and trying to find the biggest piece. This one was the biggest collected on the day. Winner!

the tip at RobeLook Mum, this is where they used to tip all the rubbish in Robe!

She had no idea what I meant when I suggested that my daughter, Angela, might like to go on a short road trip to Robe to find some sea glass.

For years Ang' had seen my hoard growing and never really understood how addictive the experience actually was until ... Robes Glass Beach is a dream come true for someone only used to collecting a handful of treasures. The beach is covered with sea glass and pottery shards tumbled and worn over the years by the waters of the Great Australian Bight.

days sea glass stoopTime to sort the days stooping sea glass collection.

Totally looking forward to sharing more sea glass stooping adventures with you as the site grows bigger. Come along this journey with me exploring more Sea Glass Beaches and what you can do with your exciting collections.

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