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All Southern Shores Sea Glass Shop products have been handmade using genuine sea glass pieces that have been collected on some of the beaches of the southern hemisphere. At the moment the collection of sea glass used has come from Australian and New Zealand coastal foreshores.

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Long time beachcomber and hobbyist, I have been collecting sea glass and other nautical bits and pieces for years. So much so, that when the opportunity to create this website came along, I decided to share some of my sea glass collection with you.

Every product in my Southern Shores Sea Glass Store has been personally designed and handcrafted by me, here in my 'Woman's Cave' in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia. Each piece of sea glass I have personally 'stooped' to collect during one of my many beachcombing adventures.

If you have decided to purchase one of my products, my wish for you is this ... that when you run your fingers over these little pieces of history, that you drift off to a warm and wonderful place where you too can wander the foreshore experiencing the thrill of collecting your very own treasures.

Marylyn/Maz - Store Owner

What's New on the Site?

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