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This page is going to help you navigate through the Southern Shores Sea Glass website.

All websites are created using what is called tiers. There is a Home Page and then a layer of what is called Tier 2 pages that lay the foundation stones for the REAL content Tier 3 pages.  Sometimes, depending on the subject matter, there may be Tier 4 and Tier 5 pages to find and hence the creation of a website structure page.

website map showing tier structureSite map showing the tier structures for the website's content pages

Website Structure - First Page


From the Homepage you now enter the depth in my website that consists of the Tier 2 SUBJECTS. These then have specific pages related to topics about the subject. Just like tree branches.

site structure treeSearching the Southern Shores Sea Glass website structure

Website Structure - Tier 2 Subject Heading Pages and their Tier 3/4 Content Pages

These pages are being built on a regular basis. The ones that are already on the site will have a link to them. Just click through to read the page's content.

Online Shopping 

Gifts, Jewelry, Cards and Home Decor handcrafted using genuine sea glass collected on southern shore beaches.

What is Sea Glass?

Tier 3 - How is Sea Glass made
Tier 3 - Sea Glass Colors

Tier 3 - Genuine Sea Glass 
Tier 3 - Sea Glass Collecting
Tier 3 - Glossary of Terms and definitions
Tier 3 - Best beaches for Sea Glass

Tier 2 - Sea Glass Beach - click through on the link here

Tier 3 - Frankston Beach
Tier 3 - Sea Glass Beach - Robe
Tier 3 - Akaroa New Zealand

Tier 3 - Melbourne Beaches

Tier 2 - Sea Glass Craft - click through on the link here

Tier 3- Beach Cards
Tier 3 - Sea Glass Christmas tree baubles
Tier 3 - Memory Jar
Tier 3 - Make Sea Glass
Tier 3 - Sea Glass Bottle
Tier 3 - Keychain Crafts
Tier 3 - Ocean Crafts for Kids
Tier 3 - Sand Crafts
Tier 3 - Resin Crafts
Tier 3 - Family Photo Frame
Tier 3 - Suncatcher Craft

Tier 2 - Craft Card Ideas for Christmas - Click through for more information

Tier 3 - Christmas Cards with Holly using Sea Glass
Tier 3 - Christmas Tree Card Craft ideas using Sea Glass - Part 1
Tier 3 - Christmas Card Christmas tree Craft using Sea Glass - Part 2
Tier 3 - Beach Themed Christmas cards using Sea Glass
Tier 3 - Beach Christmas Greeting Cards
Tier 3 - Easy Greeting Card for Christmas - Sea Glass Heart
Tier 3 - Christmas Card Wreath Craft using Sea Glass

Tier 2 - Sea Glass Art 

Tier 3- 
Tier 3 - 
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -

Tier 2 - Beach House Decor Using Sea Glass

Tier 3- 
Tier 3 - 
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -

Tier 2 - Sea Glass Jewellery Using Sea Glass

Tier 3- 
Tier 3 - 
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -
Tier 3 -

Tier 2 - About Me and Southern Shores Sea Glass - click through on the link here

Tier 3 - Me and My Solo Build It Review  

Website Structure Keeping In Touch

search for site pagesSearching for site pages on the net? Use this page as a short cut to the site's pages

Your Sea Glass Story
Sea Glass Questions
Sea Glass Blog 
Sea Glass Newsletter
Contact Me

Website Structure Extra Pages

These pages contain a bit of legal jargon 'speak'. Some discuss my relationship with affiliates who I associate and how I may earn a small commission for products that they offer, your privacy and collection of personal details is discussed in detail so that you will always feel at ease here with Southern Shores Sea Glass.

You can contact me at any time and I will always get back to you within a few days.

Other pages are general 'keeping in contact' pages that you may like to consider following through on- don't miss out on the new 'stuff' being created for the website.

Website Structure - you are here
Privacy Policy 
Southern Shores Sea Glass Disclosure and Affiliate Policy
How to Resize an Image

I am adding to the website on a regular basis and may I suggest that you sign up to receive the Monthly Newsletter and make sure that you are following the Southern Shores Sea Glass RSS feed. Just fill in your details here and that way you won't miss out on any new content I have created.

Southern Shores Sea Glass
Newsletter Form

Pop over here and read up on what is and is not going to be included in this monthly Southern Shores Sea Glass newsletter. Use the form on that page or the one here, fill in your details and let's keep in touch.

May I suggest so as not to miss out on any updates to the website, that you sign up to the site's RSS blog feed.

Choose your own favorite Blog Feed and enjoy new editorial as it is created.

There is a small orange Feed button beside the 'Recent Articles' headline. However over it and click your preferred feed platform.

Recent Articles

  1. Best Beaches For Sea Glass collecting

    Jun 26, 22 03:06 AM

    Finding the best beaches for sea glass collecting needn't be difficult if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips on what to look for and why.

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  2. Robe South Australia Sea Glass Collecting

    Jan 04, 21 04:39 PM

    Robe South Australia has to be one of the best places to go sea glass collecting. Glass Beach is the perfect spot to find quality sea glass and sea pottery.

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