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The Stoop - For Sea Glass Lovers, Issue #001 -- Welcome to the very first 'STOOP' newsletter
May 31, 2020


Issue # No 1 - JUNE 2020

Welcome to the first edition of 'The Stoop', Southern Shores Sea Glass free monthly newsletter.

Firstly, may I say thank you for subscribing to it! I am hoping that the community will grow over the coming months, years and that we will all be able to share and communicate with other sea glass lovers from all over the world.

As far as any exciting news goes for all of us, I don't really have much this issue as not only is the website just starting to gather momentum and visitors, we are still quite involved with the Corona Virus pandemic.

Restrictions are, however, lifting slowly and this means that visits to our favorite sea glass collecting points can be worked into our busy schedules.

Please let me know!

If you like this newsletter, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward." This will help grow the community faster.

Get them to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter here ... The Stoop monthly newsletter and please, let me know that you have created this new subscription as I would love to send you a little 'thank you' gift for your help!

Just Contact Me Here with their name and YOUR address or you could email me here at ... Marylyn Broomhall


- Southern Shores Sea Glass - Social Media

- Southern Shores Sea Glass - Retail

- Website Updates

Social Media Updates

At this stage I have set up the Facebook page here ... Southern Shores Sea Glass on Facebook
I would love to have you pop on over and give it a like :-)

There is also a group on Facebook and the finds that the members post are amazing. You might like to join it as well. The Australian and New Zealand Facebook Group

Retail Shopping Updates

I'm experimenting with a few designs on Zazzle, creating one of a kind products. Here are 2 examples of what I've created.

Visit my little store here ... Southern Shores Sea Glass Store on Zazzle

For details click this link here ... Robe Beach Jig Saw Puzzle

There are several cushion designs that I created, this is an example here. Just click the link for more details ... I want to age like Sea Glass cushion

I'm hoping to populate the Zazzle store with plenty more unique products. This is where you may be able to help me? What sort of products would you like to see in the store? Just let me know over on the site's Contact Me page. I'd love to get your input!

There's a little free gift in it for your suggestions :-)

Southern Shores Sea Glass Website Updates

Have you signed up to your RSS feed so that you don't miss out on any new pages going up on the Site? Click the link here and look for that ridiculously small RSS feed orange button! Subscribe to the Southern Shores Sea Glass RSS feed

Yes, I know, I'm a tad slow in getting new pages up on the website. Seems I love to drop down little rabbit holes and I find myself watching things like my favorite Northern Mudlarks. I just love the adventures that this mother and daughter team get up to and wow! What treasures that they find out there!

Check out there stream. Northern Mudlarks on YouTube

Lately, I've been playing in my studio, putting together all sorts of fun sea glass bits and pieces. I just love playing around with sand, sea shells and sea glass creating 'stuff'

Here are some of the fun bits I've put together. Lord knows what I'm going to do with it all. Maybe one of the kids might do a market closer to the end of the year (now that they are opening up) and sell it off! I'm hoping to learn how to set up a SHOP on the website down the track.

That will take a bit of a learning curve. Hmm, more rabbit holes to go down me thinks ... lol!

Captured Sea Glass Necklace

Sea Glass Frames

The shelves are filling up and I haven't even started on the suncatchers!

I love to hunt the op shops these days in search of treasures, almost as good as stooping looking for sea glass - well, almost lol!

I would love to hear from you as to what sort of content you would like me to include in these newsletters. Come to think of it, the same applies to my website. Just answer by return email. I'd love your input.

So that's it for this month.

It's a small start but a fun one. I want you to stay safe and if you are starting to venture down to your sea glass hunting spots, please don't forget to send along some photos and a short story of your adventures.

I've set up a very special spot for you to do just that and you then become part of Southern Shores Sea Glass website! It's an easy and fun process to follow and I'm sure all my site viewers would love to read about your adventures.

Click on this link here and follow the prompts ... Your Sea Glass Story

Until next month, stay safe.


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